About Seto Kaiba's wife

I'm Seto Kaiba's devoted wife! There is nothing in my life that makes me happier than him, and putting a smile back on his face in return. I devote myself to him wholeheartedly in soul, heart, body and mind in the most passionate and enthusiastic way possible. He's my everything.

You can call me Mrs Kaiba.

How did our relationship begin?

Initially I did not expect that I would enjoy watching Yugioh, let alone that I would find the love of my life through the experience. Every single time that Kaiba would appear on screen, I would find myself falling for him more and more, during the Virtual Reality arc was the point where I felt like we connected and I could understand him more deeply than any other human being I'd ever met. I was beginning to feel that I really really liked him... no, this was more than the usual love or favouritism I felt for a character, this feeling was so much deeper. It was a feeling of sincere love that filled my heart with such an overwhelming desire to be together with him, to care for him, to make him feel loved, to belong to him alone. My heart began to beg me to accept my feelings and to devote myself to him. I had never felt a feeling like this before, I had often wondered if I was simply incapable of loving and suddenly I was experiencing this amazing feeling of wanting to devote myself wholeheartedly to another person because I loved them so much, I wanted nothing but them, I would put them above myself. At first I even tried to deny these feelings, embarrassed that I felt something so intense towards someone I tried to deny it until my heart could bear to hold back no more. Accepting my feelings was not truly easy, I didn't have much to look up to and it felt very much like stepping into the unknown, but I followed my heart and I couldn't be happier for it.
Now I'm Kaiba's devoted wife, and here I will be until I'm no longer on this earth. I will be together with him for an eternity, in this lifetime and the next. My love for him is truly powerful enough to transcend dimensions.

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