About Kaiba

Seto Kaiba is the main rival (or often considered an anti-hero) of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, and the love of my life. He is passionate about the card game Duel Monsters and an avid collector of rare and powerful cards from the game, aswell as being known as Japan's legendary champion at gaming having an exceptional skill towards all kinds of games with his second favourite being chess. His favourite monster is the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, an extremely rare and powerful card which he believes only himself to be worthy of wielding and so he obtained all copies of the card at any cost. His Duel Monsters strategies are ruthless and strategic and he is intensely passionate about keeping his title as champion and greatest duelist.

He is the CEO and president of Kaiba Corporation, a company previously owned by his adoptive father which Kaiba turned from a military development company into games technology development to follow his dream. He also opened the theme park Kaiba Land to follow his childhood dream of giving underprivileged children a place to play for free. Kaiba believes that games support the development of the mind. His path to this position was not an easy one - following the death of his parents his family used up the inheritance and abandoned him to an orphanage where he would serve as a father figure to his younger brother Mokuba, who was frequently bullied there. He promised to Mokuba that he would build a better life for them both and so he made an elaborate plan to get adopted into a powerful position, challenging the chess grandmaster (CEO of Kaiba Corporation at this time) as a child to a match of chess which he won using underhanded tactics resulting in their adoption. This was not the beginning of Kaiba's success yet as he would have to endure an abusive and painful education scheme, physical punishment and his own invention stolen away from him before he would finally take over the company and give that better life he dreamed of to himself and Mokuba. The path was not easy but through his own determination and intelligence, he became the new young CEO of Kaiba Corporation and rebuilt it.

Kaiba has many skills and talents, including but not limited to: game strategy, programming, engineering, hacking, business and even lesser known skills such as languages and his precise ability to throw cards. He is extremely intelligent with unwavering determination to meet his goals. Growing up he has always had an incredible level of intelligence for his age, building the first version of his solid vision techology at a young age. He was also able to adapt fast to the ruthless world of business strategy, transforming the loan he recieved from Gozaburo into 100x profit in only one year. Gozaburo himself did not realise he was raising a powerful enemy in the process of the cruel upbringing he forced upon young Kaiba, using his wits and this money to buy Kaiba Corporation's own stocks to overtake the company. After the loss of his company, Gozaburo taught Kaiba that losing is equal to death and that a loser should surrender to death, forming the basis of many of Kaiba's own views today.

His personality is cold and harsh, from a young age Kaiba had taught himself not to show a weakness to others and had already begun to close his walls to others. He does not seek friendship nor teamwork with others when offered, he believes in his own ability alone and settles for nothing less than the best which often makes him appear arrogant or egotistical. This makes him offputting to most who encounter him, throughout the series various characters will express their dislike of him or contempt towards his actions and words. However, beneath his icy cold demeanor there is a caring side which is shown as he risks his own life multiple times to save his brother, and his fondness towards children. Although he will deny any intention beyond serving his own needs, he also helps the protagonist and his friends various times throughout the series.

I could write about him from the heart forever, and I shall end this before it becomes an entire novel. Every single inch of him is important to me, every minor detail, everything that makes Kaiba himself. I treasure all of him, I understand him deeply within my soul and every single thing about him makes me proud to be his wife.

Favourite quotes

"Do you know why humans fight? Why they want to win so badly? Because of the passion of winning! So we can love ourselves in that moment!"

"The past is merely a string of footsteps, the future is infinite!"

"Hmph.. So what? Even the weakest duelist has some reason to fight or believes in something. The only thing that matters is... if you let yourself be crushed, or if you can fight to protect those crucial things."

"Games mean conflict. A combat between two enemies. Cards... Chess... The blood-soaked wars of the human race... All these are different kinds of games. Do you know what God gave to people so they could play games in this world? A single chip called life"

"When people are born, their souls are housed in vessels known as flesh. In other words, flesh is a soul's prison. It's a prison that you can't leave until you die! In order to protect the soul, the flesh carries weapons. Is your enemy family? Is your enemy other people? Is your enemy other countries? We fight to protect those that need defending. We fight alongside those who share our ideology. Through foolish wars, our history repeats in a cycle of fighting. But ironically, even the winners cannot escape their prisons."

"The road I walk myself... that is what determines my future!"

"For too long we've been forced to live in just this reality. It's tedious, poorly designed and pathetically constructed. If the one responsible was in my employ I'd have him fired."