The Love of My Life

"For too long we've been forced to live in just this reality. It's tedious, poorly designed and pathetically constructed. If the one responsible was in my employ I'd have him fired." - Seto Kaiba

Dear Seto Kaiba,

A shrine for my dearest love, my world, my universe, my everything. Kaiba is my sunshine, the love of my life and I am his dedicated wife. There isn't a single second that passes by without him on my mind, and I would never want to have anything any other way. I dedicate my whole life to him - heart, soul and body. I need nothing more than to know that I am his, and he is mine.

Kaiba is my greatest inspiration, he gives me strength. He taught me to make the best of any situation, to shape my own future and to overcome the impossible. He taught me to put myself first and let nothing stand in my way. He makes me feel more confident. Thanks to him I'm glad to be alive, the world feels a brighter place when he's in it.

I admire him so much. Kaiba is someone who worked his way up against all the odds with nothing but sheer willpower, determination and his intelligence. Nothing stands in Seto Kaiba's way. He has an unyeilding determination, he won't ever give up until he's achieved anything he strives for. He has never once let anybody tell him that he can't do something, as he's proven them wrong every time. He's unstoppable, unbeatable, the greatest. Kaiba has such an inner strength, I can't help but look up to him.

Consider my whole life yours, Seto Kaiba.

"The road I walk myself... that is what determines my future!"